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Wisconsin's state fossil, Calymene celebra

The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS) has been serving Wisconsin for over 100 years. Part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, we provide objective scientific information about the geology, mineral resources, and water resources of Wisconsin.

October 23, 2020, 6:01 pm

This week on #WisconsinGeology we are taking a closer look at the Wolf River Batholith! Located in NE Wisconsin, the Wolf River Batholith is a granitic body that can be compared other granites across the US that all signal igneous activity about ~1,500 million years ago. Some of the rocks within ... See more

October 21, 2020, 2:05 pm

Does the cloudy fall weather have you yearning for a sunny trip to the ocean? Thanks to legendary oceanographer #MarieTharp, the warm waters of the Atlantic were explored to construct the first ever map of the ocean floor in 1957! Her work also pioneered the surveying of the ocean bottom, and it ... See more

October 20, 2020, 10:00 pm

We are excited to announce, former #WGNHS Director Jamie Robertson received the Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell for Superlative Service to the Geosciences from the American Geosciences Institute! Congrats Jamie!!

Dr. James M. Robertson is a most deserving recipient of the 2020 American Geosciences Institute Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell for Superlative Service to the Geosciences. The Medal’s namesake, Dr. Ian Campbell, was a remarkable man with numerous accomplishments and widespread influence in the ... See more

October 19, 2020, 4:00 pm

It's #MineralMonday! And boy are we excited to share this find by one of our GIS Specialist- of data artist Nicholas Rougeux's work. This interactive collage titled "British and Exotic Mineralogy" based of the 19th century work of naturalist James Sowerby has 718 minerals you can zoom into and ... See more

Have you ever had an idea that sticks with you? One popped into my head when I stumbled across James Sowerby’s massive collection of mineral illustrations from the nineteenth century. I naively wondered how they would look arranged by color in a big collage and spent the next three and a half ... See more

October 16, 2020, 4:45 pm

In partnership with the American Geosciences Institute #EarthScienceWeek runs strong as we continue to #GeologicMapDay! Pictured above is the bedrock of Wisconsin as it was mapped in 1949. From the Precambrian to the Devonian, this map has it all! To view and download more maps like this, be sure ... See more

October 15, 2020, 4:20 pm

Are you excited for the Wisconsin Science Festival?!! We sure are!!! WGNHS is hosting a virtual repository tour, go check it out. Also while there checkout cool science events happening all over WI, many virtual!!

Virtual Tour of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Core ... See more

Take a look behind the scenes and see how things are organized and maintained for future investigations in Wisconsin’s geology and natural resources. The repository holds Wisconsin’s library of rocks, including: 600,000+ linear feet of core, 11,000+ sets of water well cuttings and 15,000+ rock ... See more


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