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UW Science Expeditions 2021: Create your own groundwater model

A plastic shoebox with sand, a small cup, a toy house and truck, and a turkey baster
Learn firsthand about the connection between surface water and groundwater! Using a plastic shoebox, sand, and a turkey baster, participants will see how water enters and moves through an aquifer. This activity helps participants learn how water enters (infiltrates) an aquifer and how
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2020 Year in Review

Director’s Message 2020 was one of the most unusual years in the long history of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. January began normally, with WGNHS staff involved primarily in office projects and participating in the normal sequence of winter professional me
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Project Geoscientist We’re looking for a Project Geoscientist. This position, under the supervision of Project Principal Investigators (PIs), will involve collection of geophysical and geological data, GIS analysis, hydrologic mapping, structural mapping, measurements of streams and s
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New Publications at the Survey

Supplemental report for the Dodge County bedrock map
We've recently released a number of new publications available for purchase and free to download. Titles include Wisconsin's Geologic Past (poster); Glaciation of Wisconsin; and Quaternary Geology of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.
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Water-Quality Indicators of Human Impacts to the Wetlands of Door County, Wisconsin

Door County, the narrow peninsula in eastern Wisconsin, is home to numerous wetlands, many of which are fed by groundwater. Poor-quality groundwater discharging to a wetland can alter the ecology of the wetland and harm native plant and animal communities. This report documents a one-
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Southwest Wisconsin groundwater and geology study (SWIGG)

Farmland and tree-covered rolling hills of the Driftless Area in southwest Wisconsin (photo by Eric Carson, WGNHS)
Southwest Wisconsin has fractured bedrock beneath generally thin soils, putting groundwater at risk for contamination. The purpose of this study is to improve our understanding of groundwater quality in southwest Wisconsin and to better understand how local hydrogeology and well const
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Geologic Map of the North Freedom 7.5-Minute Quadrangle, Sauk County, Wisconsin

The North Freedom quadrangle is located on the South Range of the Baraboo Hills in south-central Wisconsin. The Baraboo Hills are recognized for their ecologic and geologic significance, with superb exposure of Precambrian and Paleozoic rocks and Quaternary sediments. Mapping focused
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Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose in a cave

Jady Carmichael

Maureen (Moe) Muldoon

Maureen Muldoon on a ladder in front of a geologic formation