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Brad Gottschalk


Contact: Phone (608) 263-7389 | Email bradford.gottschalk@wisc.edu

Research interests

WGNHS has a large number of historical research collections that will be of great interest to science historians, geology researchers, and Survey staff. My goal as archivist is to catalog as many of these collections as possible, provide easily used databases and web applications to allow access to their contents, and preserve them both in material form and electronically. From a records management perspective, I am also interested in tracking new and ongoing projects carried out by Survey geologists.

Current projects

  • 2019 – 2020: Funded by a grant from the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program of the USGS, I am working on a project to make publicly available geophysical logs and information about the Survey’s Quaternary core.
  • Ongoing: I am also cataloging field notebooks produced by Survey geologists since 1985.


Completed projects

  • Lake Superior Legacy Collection: The Lake Superior Division operated out of Madison from 1882 until 1905, produced more than 400 field notebooks, collected tens of thousands of hand samples and made 17,000 thin sections. In 2017, the Survey completed a 5-year data preservation project cataloging and providing online access to the material.
  • Mineral exploration in northern Wisconsin: In 2018, we completed a project to scan and put online papers donated to us from the E.K. Lehmann and Associates exploration company. The documents detail exploration drilling in northern Wisconsin and provide information about core in our repository from 288 individual drillholes.