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Kathy Roushar in a red shirt with green foliage behind her

Kathy Roushar

Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist

Contact: Phone: (608) 265-4683 | Email: kathy.roushar@wisc.edu

I am a geographic information systems (GIS) specialist and a cartographer at the Survey. I use GIS software to compile and edit geospatial data and metadata, perform analyses, and create maps for geologic and hydrogeologic studies. For publication production, I do vector and image editing, page layout, and postscript processing. I enjoy the variety offered by my work and that I am always learning. I collaborate with Survey geologists and I work independently.

Our maps are useful for geologists, planners, consultants, educators, and interested citizens. Maps of popular areas, like those of the Baraboo Hills, have an even broader appeal.

Current projects

My current projects include

  • Dodge County bedrock geology map (1:100,000 scale), a STATEMAP-funded project, in preparation for publication
  • Baraboo Hills geology maps (1:24,000 scale)—7.5-minute quadrangles
    • North Freedom
    • Baraboo
    • Rock Springs

These and other projects are summarized in this story map:

Screenshot of Kathy Roushar's projects story map

View story map


  • Stewart, E.K., Roushar, K., Stewart, E.D., 2018, New bedrock geologic mapping, Dodge County, WI: Geologic Mapping Forum 2018 Abstracts, Minnesota Geological Survey Open File Report OFR18-2, p. 77–78. http://hdl.handle.net/11299/194852.
  • Stewart, E.K., Stewart, E.D., and Roushar, K., 2018, New bedrock geologic mapping of Dodge County, Wisconsin provides evidence for Paleozoic reactivation of Precambrian structures: 64TH Institute on Lake Superior Geology Proceedings, Program and Abstracts, v. 64, part 1, p. 103–104, http://flash.lakeheadu.ca/~pnhollin/ILSGVolumes/2018%20ILSG%20Program%20and%20Abstracts.pdf. [PDF]


Professional affiliations

  • Wisconsin Land Information Association, member