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Research associates

The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey has enjoyed and supported a variety of collaborative research relationships with a large number of professional colleagues in universities and local, county, state, and federal agencies and organizations. These individuals may work directly with WGNHS staff on internally funded projects, as co-investigators on outside-funded grants and contracts, or independently on projects that complement or supplement existing WGNHS programs and priorities. In recognition of these beneficial and productive relationships, we have created the honorary title of Research Associate.

  • Mark A. Borchardt, USDA
  • William F. Cannon, USGS
  • Michael Cardiff, UW–Madison
  • William S. Cordua, UW–River Falls
  • Daniel T. Feinstein, USGS
  • Michael N. Fienen, USGS
  • Timothy J. Grundl, UW–Milwaukee
  • Paul R. Hanson, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Randy J. Hunt, USGS
  • Mark D. Johnson, University of Gothenburg
  • George J. Kraft, Central Wisconsin Groundwater Center
  • Evan R. Larson, UW–Platteville
  • John A. Luczaj, UW–Green Bay
  • J. Brian Mahoney, UW–Eau Claire
  • Shaun Marcott, UW–Madison
  • Joseph A. Mason, UW–Madison
  • Daniel J. Masterpole, Chippewa County Land Conservation Department
  • David M. Mickelson, UW–Madison (emeritus)
  • William N. Mode, UW–Oshkosh
  • Todd W. Rayne, Hamilton College
  • Randall J. Schaetzl, Michigan State University
  • Susan K. Swanson, Beloit College
  • Kent M. Syverson, UW–Eau Claire
  • Lucas Zoet, UW–Madison