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Brad Gottschalk

Brad Gottschalk, staff archivist

Our mission includes archiving (along with collecting, interpreting, and distributing) information about Wisconsin’s natural resources. We are the caretakers of historical collections that were gathered by the early explorers and geologists of the state as they searched for the resources to develop the territory. This material is both scientifically and historically relevant.

Brad Gottschalk is the archivist at the Wisconsin Geological Survey. He is currently extracting data from the historic notebooks produced by Charles Van Hise and other geologists who worked for the Lake Superior Division of the U.S. Geological Survey between 1882 and 1922. Their work laid the groundwork for all later investigations of the Precambrian rocks of the Upper Midwest.

Notebook showing map sketch and notes

Sample scan from one of our field notebooks.










Published: November 29, 2016