Structural Map of the Baraboo Syncline, Columbia and Sauk Counties, Wisconsin [plate 4]

From the dataset abstract

With summaries: Glacial Geology, R.F. Black; and Plant Ecology of the Baraboo Hills, J.H. Zimmerman.

Source: Geology of the Baraboo District, Wisconsin: A Description and Field Guide Incorporating Structural Analysis of the Precambrian Rocks and Sedimentologic Studies of the Paleozoic Strata

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Additional Information

Author Dalziel, I.W.D.;
Publication Year 1970
Series number IC14-plate04
Resource Type Map
Physical Description large-format photocopy
Geographic Area Columbia, Sauk
Map Type Geology
Tags Surficial Geology, Bedrock Geology, Precambrian Bedrock
ISSN 0512-0640