GIS Data for the Geology of Sauk County, Wisconsin (version 2) [dataset 1]

From the dataset abstract

Geologic history and description of Sauk County, the home of Devils Lake and Parfreys Glen. Includes four-color bedrock map and cross sections. Map and cross sections are folded.

Source: Geology of Sauk County, Wisconsin

Additional Information

Author Clayton, Lee; Attig, J.W.;
Publication Year 1990
Series number IC67-dataset01-v2
Resource Type GIS Data
Physical Description GeMS file geodatabase, shapefiles, and metadata. Supersedes previous shapefile format (DI version 1)
Notes Dataset supersedes original shapefile data (version 1). Current version released in 2024.
Geographic Area Sauk
Map Type Geology
Tags Surficial Geology, Bedrock Geology
ISSN 0512-0640