Modern Hydrocarbons in Two Wisconsin Lakes

From the dataset abstract

Open-file report; contains unpublished data that has not yet been peer-reviewed. Examines the presence of modern hydrocarbons in Lake Mendota in south-central Wisconsin and Trout Lake, 250 miles due north. These lakes have very different limnologic and sediment characteristics, making interesting comparisons of hydrocarbon contents with environmental factors.

Source: Modern Hydrocarbons in Two Wisconsin Lakes

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Additional Information

Author Judson, S.; Murray, R.C.;
Publication Year 1956
Series number WOFR1956-03
Resource Type Report
Physical Description 4 p.
Notes Reprinted from The Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Vol 40, No 4, April, 1956.
Tags Energy, Surface Water
ISSN 1058-1413