Bedrock Geology of Dodge County, Wisconsin

From the dataset abstract

Dodge County lies in southeast Wisconsin, an area almost entirely covered by glacial deposits. This map interprets the distribution of the buried bedrock units across the county. Geologist Esther Stewart’s refinement of the bedrock elevation contours may help land-use planners identify areas most susceptible to groundwater contamination from applications of nutrients and pesticides, and identification of subtle folds in the Paleozoic units may help predict local changes in the physical properties of the bedrock. Includes map, 7-page report, and data files.

Source: Bedrock Geology of Dodge County, Wisconsin

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Additional Information

Author Stewart, E.K.;
Publication Year 2021
Series number M508
Resource Type Map
Physical Description Scale 1:100,000, 40 in x 40 in
Geographic Area Dodge
Map Type Geology
Tags Precambrian Bedrock, Bedrock Geology