Groundwater Flow Modeling Files from Waupaca, Wisconsin [dataset 2]

From the dataset abstract

The City of Waupaca, Wisconsin, uses groundwater pumped from a network of seven high-capacity wells as its municipal water supply. Recent increases in the concentration of nitrate in the municipal water supply raised questions about the source of this contamination and whether it might eventually exceed standards for drinking water. This study combines geologic, hydrologic, land-cover, water-use, and water-quality data from the area with a groundwater-flow model to simulate and predict the effects of different land and water use on the concentration of nitrate in groundwater pumped from two of the city’s municipal wells. The resulting tool supports decision makers who are tasked with land-use management and demonstrates a study design that could be applied to well-head-protection efforts elsewhere in Wisconsin’s Central Sands region. Suggested Citation: DeVries, S.L., Bradbury, K.R., Cardiff, M., 2022, A groundwater-flow model and effective nitrate calculator for Waupaca, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Technical Report 007, 88 p., .

Source: A Groundwater-Flow Model and Effective Nitrate Calculator for Waupaca, Wisconsin

Additional Information

Author DeVries, S.L.; Bradbury, K.R.; Cardiff, M.;
Publication Year 2022
Series number TR007-dataset02
Resource Type Data
Physical Description Groundwater-flow model files
Geographic Area Waupaca
Tags Groundwater
ISSN 2159-9351