Generalized Water-Table Elevation Map in Agricultural Regions of Bayfield County, Wisconsin [plate 1]

From the dataset abstract

Information and recommendations concerning groundwater and water supply wells in two agricultural regions in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Includes a report, a water-table map, a set of four cross sections, and GIS data. (Replaces WOFR2015-02.)

Source: Groundwater and Wells in Agricultural Regions of Bayfield County, Wisconsin: Report to the Large-Scale Livestock Study Committee

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Additional Information

Author Gotkowitz, M.B.;
Publication Year 2016
Series number TR002-plate01
Resource Type Map
Physical Description 27 in x 30 in, scale 1:100,000
Notes Replaces WOFR2015-04-plate01.
Geographic Area Bayfield
Map Type Groundwater
Tags Groundwater
ISSN 2159-9351