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If you’re searching by:

    For best results, use a few key words. Type partial words to find variations (geolog will return geology, geologic, and geological). It’s not necessary to include additional criteria with a title search.
    Enter one author (last name only) in the Author search box. To include more authors, click on the Add Criteria button and select Author again. When ready, click on the Search button.
  • TYPE (reports, GIS data, etc.)
    You can’t directly search by type. To get around this, select Browse by Type first, then add criteria in Refine Your Search.
  • SERIES (bulletin, fact sheet, etc.)
    This search criterion does not work if other criteria are added. To find a specific series entry, use your browser’s Find feature or start a new search using different criteria. Note that the Find feature only searches text that appears on the page, so display as many items as possible.



Just select one of the dropdown items—no need to press the Search button.

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